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The perfect London Spa break: Grange City Hotel #ad

*Please note my stay at the Grange City was #gifted by Grange Hotels*

Holidays, weekends away and time off seem like something you should have in abundance once you become a self-employed freelancer. However the reality is getting and taking time off happens much more rarely than it did even when I worked a corporate desk job – as a freelancer you get programmed to think that time is money, and in turn time off is money lost. In my line of work it can also be tricky to keep clients on track in your absence, as well as finding reliable cover for fitness classes.

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It may be #MyDubai – but why Dubai?

Whilst I love to be organised and favour routine where possible, I’m definitely not a creature of habit – and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I am often checking out brand new restaurants, alternative recipes or trying the latest workout class. I love experiencing new things, and yet when it comes to my holidays, time and time again I find myself returning to the same destination – Dubai. Those who know me well will know I almost moved to this Arabian city to live and work almost 10 years ago, but even though I didn’t go through with the move I’ve found myself returning not just once but sometimes twice a year to the United Arab Emirates. So when I’m all about the buzz of new experiences, what is it about Dubai that keeps drawing me back?

Photograph by @lorami_photography

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