#itsawinkyworld – welcoming Winky Lux cosmetics to the UK!

After fitness and health, one of my biggest loves is make-up – and whilst you might not think the two go hand in hand, when I’m not working 14 hour days, or sweating profusely when I train then I love to take the time to apply my make up, as well as experiment with new looks and brands. So when American cosmetics brand Winky Lux invited me to the UK launch party at West London’s latest Instagrammable hot spot Saint Aymes I absolutely couldn’t wait to see what the Winky World was all about.

Winky Lux was born in New York, and was set up to “make make up magic” – and with their beautiful packaging and unique products, I think that’s a promise they definitely deliver on. Thankfully though the brand is not style over substance, and one of my favourite things about it is that they’re a proud cruelty-free brand – with their website stating that they “don’t test on animals and insist our suppliers don’t either”. Even better, their logo is a poodle as Winky Lux say poodles embody everything they want to be as a brand – intelligent, playful, groomed and pretty! Having read that pretty sure the poodle embodies everything I want to be too….. As well as being cruelty-free, Winky Lux products are free from parabens, sulphates and gluten – so they’re safe for animals and for your skin.

As I mentioned above, the product packing is both adorable and Instagram-worthy – especially their signature Jelly Balms which come in pill-shaped packaging – the Flower Balms even contain a real flower in the colour of your choice making them almost too pretty to use. Almost…. Hot on the heels of the Flower Balm are the Watermelon Jelly Balm and Matcha Lip Treatment, both worthy additions to any make-up bag. The Watermelon Jelly Balm is a pH balm, meaning it reacts to everyone individually, creating your own bespoke lip stain – delighted that mine ends up a pretty deep pink. The Matcha Lip Treatment contains real green tea powder and food-grade vanilla, so it smells like the absolute dream, as well as making your lips feel like a dream with it’s coconut and avocado oils.

In addition to the Balms, which are great for every day wear, and indeed a more subtle look, are the Disco Kitten Glosses. If a make up product could be my spirit animal then this would be it. The gloss is full of iridescent glitter that whilst super sparkly is also smooth (because who’s got time for gritty glitter in a gloss?), and goes on clear but turns to perfect pink when applied. I can see a Disco Kitten Gloss accompanying me on every night out going forward – it looks as good on as it does in the tube.

My other favourite product from the range is the White Tea Tinted Veil and actually for me works as well on full days with PT clients as it does for a base on a night out – a perfect multi-tasker that provides just the right amount of coverage. I love how lightweight it feels on my skin but still gives me a hint of colour and a lovely glow, which is down to the White Tea and Pomegranate extract (which I swear you can smell as the scent of this is divine as you apply it!)

Saint Aymes Cafe in Connaught Village was the perfect venue to both launch and showcase the Winky Lux products to the UK as the interiors are nothing short of beautiful, not to mention some of the prettiest cakes and pastries I’ve ever seen in London. Unicorn Cookie or Rainbow Cake anyone? Obviously my answer was both…..

All in all, safe to say that Winky Lux products have made themselves very welcome in my make-up bag as they look amazing, do exactly what they’re supposed to and are totally cruelty-free. The Watermelon Jelly Balm and Tinted Veil have become literal everyday essentials for me now, and the Disco Kitten Gloss is my weekend go-to. Cannot wait to try the rest of the range when it comes to the UK (definitely got my eye on the Coffee Palette – eyeshadows in gorgeous neutral shades that actually smell like coffee…. actually the dream!)

Thank you Winky Lux for allowing me to step into the Winky World. Now I’m here I literally never want to leave!

(Sidenote – definitely give them a follow on Instagram: @winky_lux – their account is every bit as sassy, sparkly and special as you’d expect!)

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