Happy New Year, Happy New Blog?

I honestly can’t stand the phrase “New Year, New Me!” – and yet here I am relaunching and rebranding my Blog at the start of January. A fresh start, a new beginning…. Well maybe, but this is definitely something I’ve been thinking of for a while, not just as a New Years Resolution (and definitely not just for Christmas!) So, welcome to The Wildcat Way….. but why?

Relaxing in Dubai alongside Dubai Water Canal. Brand new Lifestyle Blog from London Blogger The Wildcat Way

I started my Blog not long after I launched my own Personal Training business, as an accompaniment to my PT work, and mostly to share recipes as I love cooking, but also as I was getting asked a lot about what I ate, things to have pre/post training etc. But ultimately, I’m not a food blogger, and so I started diversifying my content to include more fitness posts and healthy lifestyle content. You know, like literally thousands of other bloggers. And whilst I liked to think I had a relatively unique perspective, having quit a corporate career to start a fitness business in my 30s, and having overcome an absolute loathing of both exercise and my body to perform a full 360 and make it my job – I really was just another fitness blogger. And whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, there really is so much more to my life and my loves than working out and eating well. But because my Blog had been an extension of my PT business, as had my Instagram account (@wildcatfit) I always felt myself questioning my non-fitness content. But actually this past year, posting about my Invisalign journey and sharing some of my non-gym outfits have been some of my most popular content, which I took as a sign that actually diversifying my account was not a bad thing. 

Sunday afternoon in Holland Park wearing jumper from Pretty Little Thing and Louis Vuitton Neverfull

The past year has been one of the most challenging I can ever remember in the fitness industry and the first one in my 12 year teaching and training career where I’ve spent more time not teaching classes that being in studios with people. Like so many in my industry, I took my PT sessions and Bootcamp classes online – something I had never done before, or even genuinely considered. Yet I was pleasantly surprised at not only how successful this was, but also that the sense of community and connection was still possible online – all with a little diversification. So if my own Fitness Business could diversify, then couldn’t my social media too? This was the thought process that kick started what you’re reading now – the 2021 Reboot of the Wildcat Fitness Blog. Fitness will remain my biggest passion and I sincerely hope my career for a long time to come, but the past 12 months have also taught me that there is not only so much more to life – but so much more to my life too. And so here we are, and welcome to The Wildcat Way.

There will still be fitness. There will still be recipes. But there will be plenty more too – food, restaurants, fashion, beauty, travel (when we’re finally allowed….!), pets, maybe even some very personal topics too like surviving divorce and recovering from an eating disorder – what do you guys think? All I can truly bring you are my own experiences, opinions and lessons – the way I do life basically. So welcome to a 40 year old London based Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor doing things and sharing things her way – the Wildcat Way!

West London walk looking for Notting Hill Coffee Shops. Wearing Zara coat and Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette

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