Dentist vs Orthodontist – or how to find the right people to fix your smile! #ad

As you guys know, I am currently on my Invisalign UK journey – after years of being so unhappy with my crooked teeth I am finally working on straightening them and getting the smile I’ve always wanted. And there’s one person I couldn’t do this without, and that’s my wonderful Orthodontist Dr Chaw Su Kyi . Whilst many dental practitioners are able to oversee an Invisalign journey, I decided to work with a specialist orthodontist like Dr Kyi as she is an expert in understanding about tooth movement, facial development and jaw alignment.

When you straighten your teeth it can then affect your facial structure as well as create problem further down the line without proper forward planning and preparation, so whilst there were many people who could have supplied and fitted my Invisalign braces for me, I wanted someone who understood what I wanted to achieve, and who would able to properly plan my tooth movement as there is so much to change with my smile as crooked as it was. I also wanted to make sure those changes would be sustainable and reduce any potential future problems. Dr Kyi carried out another 3 years of study and training on top of her 5 year Dental Degree, so I knew my teeth were in the most capable hands. 

Before my Invisalign retainers were even made, Dr Kyi performed an Itero 5D scan of my entire mouth, showing not only the position of all of my teeth, but also what was going on with their health – looking for any potential cavities, impacted wisdom teeth, or weakening of the enamel – all of which should require treatment before Invisalign braces are fitted, but that can only be seen using an Itero 5D Scanner. As this was such a big journey for me to undertake, I wanted to do it in the best and safest way and most importantly make sure everything was done properly.

My top 6 front teeth are all veneers that I had fitted almost 20 years ago, and honestly I regret them. I didn’t do much research, my choice of dentist was mainly influenced by price and as a result I didn’t get the perfectly straight smile I originally wanted, and in fact I’ve had major issues with my thickest veneer. So you can see why I wanted to get every single step of my Invisalign journey right, which it is thanks to working with such an experienced orthodontist. 

All that and of course there are the clinic locations of Hammersmith and Harley Street – both super convenient to visit for check-ups in my busy schedule! 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly, and working with someone you can trust completely. And I’m lucky that Dr Chaw Su Kyi is exactly that 🙂


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