#ad From Fitness Journey to Smile Journey with Invisalign UK


As you know if you’ve been following me for a while, my fitness journey has spanned many years, and has seen me completely transform the way I look and feel. Whilst not easy or quick, with hard work and determination I’ve been able to get myself to a place where I finally feel confident about my body and what it can do, and knowing that I’ve done this with my own dedication and discipline makes it all the more rewarding.

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From Hair Loss to Hair Goals – or how the Wildcat got her mane back!

It can be said for so very many things in life that you “don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”- and for me, sadly, this once upon a time included my hair. As a child I had long, thick, and quite frankly unruly hair, and as a teenager I did as most teens do and experimented with several different hair colours. I always looked after my hair though, which is why the shock and stress of suffering hair loss a few years back hit me so hard. So just how did I go from finding handfuls of hair on my pillow to getting my thick mane back?

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Tan-Tastic Skincare with Bali Body and Tan Luxe

I couldn’t be more delighted at the Summer we’ve been having here in the UK this year, because as you’ll probably know, I am an absolute sun worshipper and love to make the most of good weather because I’m one of those annoying people who tans easily, and I truly believe I look about 300% better with a suntan. However with my crazy work hours it hasn’t always been possible to get out and into the sun to maximise my tanning time over the past couple of months – so in order to help me maintain the Summer glow I’ve been working on whenever I do get the chance – I’ve been using a couple of products to help me along the way and I thought I’d share my not-so-secret tanning tips with you.

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#itsawinkyworld – welcoming Winky Lux cosmetics to the UK!

After fitness and health, one of my biggest loves is make-up – and whilst you might not think the two go hand in hand, when I’m not working 14 hour days, or sweating profusely when I train then I love to take the time to apply my make up, as well as experiment with new looks and brands. So when American cosmetics brand Winky Lux invited me to the UK launch party at West London’s latest Instagrammable hot spot Saint Aymes I absolutely couldn’t wait to see what the Winky World was all about.

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Social Media vs Reality – round one…

A friend mentioned today that they hadn’t seen me post much on my Instagram this week, and in light of the very recent social media controversy about online life versus reality I thought I would share my current reality with you all to prove that I too am an honest, real person not trying to sugar coat my perfect life, perfect meals and perfect abs (and can I just say for the record I don’t believe I have any of the aforementioned!)


I have actually been hiding this week as on Monday I was diagnosed with with a bacterial eye infection, which is not only instantly visible as soon as you look at me, but also painful and unpleasant. Until it is clear I can’t wear any make-up, and whilst this sounds like a small thing, my make up really is my mask and I never face the world without it. So to have to see my clients and teach my classes as normal this week has been really hard for me as I feel so self-conscious and so unattractive. This makes me sound so vain I know, and the truth is I know I am – which is why I’ve not been posting selfies or self indulgent status updates this week because I feel unattractive and unsociable and to be honest not “social media worthy”.

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