Boosting my Body the natural way with Flexiqule joint care

There are a couple of things in life that are hugely important to me – keeping my body operating in tip top condition to support my extremely active lifestyle, and trying to put things that are as natural as possible into my body. So when I was offered the chance to try herbal joint supplement Flexiqule I was curious to give it a go and see if it really did help support my joint mobility and flexibility – something that is pretty much key in my line of work as a trainer and instructor.

Alchemlife natural supplements

AlchemLife have been creating natural supplements since 1984, trying to maximise the power of plants by using special extraction techniques that ensure the benefits of the whole plant are maintained. Flexiqule features a unique blend of Indian Frankincense (Boswellia) and Ginger – well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and was designed to not only support normal joint mobility, but also help relieve existing joint pain. I have been taking two tablets a day (one with breakfast, one with dinner) for the past month, and despite having had a much heavier activity load than normal for the past few weeks (teaching 8 spinning class a week, coaching at F45 4 days a week, walking an average of 18k steps every day, as well as my own strength and HIIT training) my body feels great. In the past when I’ve had this busy a schedule in terms of teaching and training I would often wake up in the morning feeling stiff and achy (especially heading into the colder weather) but that hasn’t happened at all this past month. If anything I’ve actually felt my fitness levels improve rather than struggle to recover in between sessions.

As you guys may know, I suffered a serious knee ligament injury several years ago and since then have to be careful with high impact exercise and pay very particular attention to post workout-recovery to ensure I don’t have ongoing knee problems, but I genuinely haven’t felt pain in my knee for weeks, despite having put my body through so much. As part of my recovery and general maintenance of my body, I see a chiropractor once a month to make sure my joints are all aligned, and the last time I saw him two weeks ago he was genuinely impressed with how good things felt – I needed very minimal adjustment, which for me is rare! The only thing I’ve done different is take Flexiqule regularly, so whilst results with this type of supplement are hard to actually track or measure, I’m amazed how well my body is doing and how good I feel considering how much I’m doing, and I am sure that taking a supplement designed to support joint mobility and flexibility has been a huge help in this.

My plan is to continue to take Flexiqule on a regular basis – the ingredients are all natural and derived directly from plants, it fits in so easily with my daily routine, and it is almost certainly playing a huge part in keeping my body cup and running and able to teach my classes and train my clients in the best way possible – feeling full of energy and free of joint pain.

If you’d like to try Flexiqule for yourself (it most definitely comes recommended from me!) you can buy directly from the AlchemLife website here or from Lloyds Pharmacy shops – find your nearest here .

And to those of you who have been trained by me over the past few weeks… sorry for the extra burst of energy making your sessions more energetic than ever…. you can blame Flexiqule for that!

Please note this is a Sponsored post, and whilst I was gifted Flexiqule to try, all views expressed in the post are my own.

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