#ad From Fitness Journey to Smile Journey with Invisalign UK


As you know if you’ve been following me for a while, my fitness journey has spanned many years, and has seen me completely transform the way I look and feel. Whilst not easy or quick, with hard work and determination I’ve been able to get myself to a place where I finally feel confident about my body and what it can do, and knowing that I’ve done this with my own dedication and discipline makes it all the more rewarding.

But there are still things about my appearance that don’t make me happy, and that up until very recently I thought I would never be able to change – namely my crooked and crowded bottom teeth that I always hide when I smile. But after years of trying to hide away the bottom half of my mouth, I am now incredibly excited to be starting my journey with Invisalign UK and becoming the latest member of their #SmileSquad to help me achieve the smile I’ve always wished for. 

I’ll be honest, both my top and bottom teeth have always been crowded and crooked. Braces weren’t an option for me as a teenager, but when I hit my early 20s and decided to get porcelain veneers fitted on my top teeth to correct my wonky smile I thought this would be the end of it – back in 2002 there was no social media, no selfies, and 22 year old me had no idea that she’d one day be in front of groups of people with all their focus on her, so I thought as long as I could smile and look nice in photos, I’d be okay. Fast forward 15 years and all I could see in my Instagram Stories, YouTube videos and at photoshoot is my awful crooked bottom teeth – my 6 year old niece even asked me last year when the Tooth Fairy was coming as it looked like my bottom teeth were about to fall out. Gotta love kids and their honesty, right?!

My teeth before my Invisalign journey - top teeth with veneers but bottom teeth crowded and crooked

I know how much more confident I feel in myself since I lost over 15kg, and so the thought of feeling even more confident in my smile, and being able to fully open my mouth without thinking twice about it is hugely exciting. I’ll be sharing my entire Invisalign journey on my Instagram, but I’ll also be documenting the experiences in more detail here on my Blog – and last week saw my first visit to Dr Chaw-Su Kyi for my initial consultation and 5D Itero Scan. I went to Dr Kyi’s Hammersmith practice for my first visit as it’s close to home and work for me, so will be super convenient for my regular check-ups going forward. I was actually blown away by the technology of the Itero Scan – with just a small camera in my mouth (that caused no discomfort at all) it was able to create, in real-time, a full and complete scan of my teeth – not just their position and placement but all the way through – so it enabled Dr Kyi to check that all my enamel was healthy and there were no cavities or other problems that may need addressing before I start wearing the Invisalign braces. Very quickly the images then processed to create a digital simulation of how my teeth could look after the Invisalign treatment – and it was even better than I’d hoped! In a lot of ways I was actually frustrated that I hadn’t decided to get Invisalign sooner, because seeing the results that are achievable with no disruption to my own teeth makes me realise the smile I have dreamed of having is totally possible, and I’ve spent years hiding my bottom teeth when I could have been proudly showing them off!

West London Orthodontist 5D Itero Scan

Dr Kyi and I then had a chat about the practicalities of wearing Invisalign – how and when to remove them, how they’ll feel, how they work, and then she sent the images off for full processing and booked me in for what’s called a Clincheck – to look at the images and projected results and agree on the course of action. 

Yesterday I went to the Harley Street clinic for my Clincheck which was a very quick and informal appointment where I was shown exactly how my teeth will move over the course of my Invisalign journey and over what timeframe – in my case they have recommend 40 weeks – so around 10 months. It blows me away to think I’ll have a brand new smile for Christmas next year! Seeing the imaging live on the screen and the digital before and afters of my teeth was amazing – the results really do look incredible and I’m so excited to see the progress and changes. Now everything has been agreed the lab will start to make my actual Invisalign braces – all 19 of them for my bottom teeth and all 5 of them for my top teeth (Dr Kyi has recommended a small adjustment to two of my top teeth to create more room for my bottom teeth to be able to straighten completely) – this will take around a week, and my next appointment at the beginning of December will be to get all my braces and be shown how to fit and remove them. I’m so excited to actually get them in and get started! 

I also can’t wait to share the journey with you guys – having been on such a journey with my weight loss and my fitness I’m used to change and being out of my comfort zone, but I’m also so excited to see the results. I’ll post again on my Blog in the New Year once I’ve been wearing the Invisalign for a while to let you know how it feels and how I’m getting on. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing regular updates on my Instagram, just like this one here where you can see a video of my Itero Scan being taken by Dr Kyi. 

If you’re interested in seeing how Invisalign could change your teeth, why not try their SmileView tool? You can take a selfie and it will show you how Invisalign could shape your smile! Click here to give it a try.

And if you’re inspired to take the plunge and find an Invisalign provider near you to help you get your dream smile for the New Year then click here to find one close to you – just like WeLCOMe Orthodontics is super convenient for me, you’ll be able to find someone local to discuss all things Invisalign. 

Can’t wait to get my new smile journey started, and to share it all with you!

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