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My name is LJ (Lisa-Jane) and I’m a 40 year old Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle Blogger based in London. Health and Fitness is my passion and I’m so grateful to have made it my career too, but as well as an active lifestyle I love fashion, beauty, cooking, animals, eating out and travel. 

I pride myself on being organised, hard working and professional…. but I also believe that there’s no situation that can’t benefit from a little glam and glitz – basically things can get done in the traditional way… or The Wildcat Way!


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I’m originally from Cornwall, owner of two very cheeky Abyssinian cats Simba and Rafiki, and as well as offering Bespoke Personal Training both in person and online (check out www.wildcatfitness.co.uk for details), I love putting outfits together, trying new make up and beauty products, creating vegetarian and vegan recipes in the kitchen, checking out the amazing restaurants and cafes here in London, and travelling to sunny places. I decided to call my Personal Training business Wildcat Fitness when I set it up back in 2013 as I wanted something with a powerful edge that reflected my love of animals – but I specifically chose “Wildcat” as wildcats themselves often look just like domestic cats, and people mistake them for being sweet and fluffy, but they’re very fierce and not to be messed with – and let’s just say that really resonates with me! So Wildcat Fitness was born, followed soon after by my Fitness Instagram account @wildcatfit. I soon started being referred to as  “The Wildcat” and my classes as “Wildcat Workouts” – hence choosing the name for this Blog, The Wildcat Way. Because with most things in life I like to add my own little flair to it – whether it’s a bold accessory to an outfit, an extra slick of lipgloss on pretty much any occasion, trying a tiny restaurant off the beaten track, or an unusual ingredient in a recipe – I like to do things my way. The Wildcat Way!

So welcome to my online home where you can experience fitness, fashion, beauty, eating out, cooking and travel….. the Wildcat Way.

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If you are, or represent a brand, product, or event and would like to collaborate with The Wildcat Way or discuss potential opportunities please click here to get in touch with me. Please note I will only work with brands and products that I personally believe in and agree with (no weight loss pills, skinny teas or non-vegan products please!!)