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My name is LJ (Lisa-Jane) and I’m a 40 year old Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle Blogger based in London. They may say “Life Begins at 40” – but I am definitely here to prove that style and sass never go out of fashion at any age! Health and Fitness is my passion and I’m so grateful to have made it my career too, but as well as an active lifestyle I love fashion, beauty, cooking, animals, eating out and travel. This Blog aims to showcase my loves and my lifestyle….. doing it The Wildcat Way!

Always Winter, but never Christmas.... 🦁🧙🏼‍♀️🚪

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Pure and Simple?

Let’s get one thing clear - yes I am basic, and I fully accept that 🙃- but stripping my training back to basics in Lockdown is one of the best things I’ve done over the past few months. 

I know training at home is hard, isn’t the same, and is the furthest thing from some peoples’ minds right now. But - for those of you still looking to keep active at home, I want to say that progress, growth and gains are entirely possible with both limited space and equipment. It really can be as simple as pulling it all back to basics, and then after that staying consistent. I know every day can seem the same over and over again right now, but actually when it comes to your training that can be a good thing. 

I fully appreciate that we’re in a global pandemic, staying at home to save lives, so quite frankly even maintaining fitness is a hugely positive thing. But for me personally, I really enjoy seeing progress and feeling challenged when it comes to my fitness, and after a few months I have managed to find my groove with this and am now starting to see and feel the results. And the reason why? I’ve stopped all the flitting between a dozen different workouts and stripped things right back to a pure and simple schedule - consistent weight training x3 per week, and riding my Apex bike. I ride my bike because I adore it and can’t imagine not being in the saddle whilst I have the wonderful opportunity to be able to at home, but I lift weights because I also adore feeling strong, and also feeling the progress in my strength over time. I actually do very simple weighted workouts - moves like chest press, bicep curls, lunges, deadlifts, bent over rows etc (with bodyweight things like pull ups and press ups), but make sure I stay consistent, and up either the amount of weight, or intensity of the movement when things no longer feel challenging. Nothing fancy, but it works. 

It took a while, but I wanted to say that it may feel very different, but that training at home can definitely get you results. And if you’re interested in training with me to get them, drop me a DM. Cause just like Hear’Say said - pure and simple gonna be there for you 😉

That face you make when a banger drops..... 🤩

New Lockdown Vibes playlist put together for you babes this week - hopefully with a few tunes that inspire you to put your hands in the air like you don’t care 🙌🏼 

Lockdown walks, quarantine workouts, kitchen discos.... some vibes for every key occasion right now 🙊 All the while dreaming of the day I get to share tunes like this with my @boomcycle fam in the saddle again ❤️

Link to the playlist in my IG Story - or if you miss it DM me and I’ll send you the link. 

Trying to crush the Lockdown Bleurghs one Banger at a time! 🙌🏼

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Grrrrr....eat news!

Brand new classes have just dropped in the @apexrides app today! Fab new rides from @_emmachristina @jackgreaves_ @alipee @duncan_does .... oh and from a certain Wildcat 🐯 My 60 Minute Pop Party Ride (we’re talking Girls Aloud, Pussycat Dolls, Years and Years, Katy Perry....) is ready and yours to Ride now - can’t wait to hear what you think! 

My only question is which one do I try tomorrow morning - Nicki Minaj with Duncan or Ultimate Throwbacks with Emma...?! 🤔

Get ready for the Ride A-Team! 

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Your Sunday night reminder - that of course it’s easy to focus on all the things we can’t do and can’t have right now. But that makes us forget all the wonderful things we do have, and that we can be positive about and grateful for.

So when you catch yourself missing things that aren’t possible right now - acknowledge that, but then think of something you can be thankful for. It’s all about the appreciation of the little things ❤️

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🐰 Some Bunny Loves You 🐰

Happy Friday on this long and strange week.... with everything going on just wanted to remind you, some bunny out there loves you 🐇

If you want to send someone some love after this week - tag them in the comments ❤️

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Making moves in Lockdown?

There’s a lot of feelings, a lot of energy, just…. A lot out there right now. And I’m fully aware that all of us are experiencing both feeling and energy fluctuations on a daily basis at the moment - it’s normal and it’s okay. If you see someone else having a great day but you feel awful, that’s okay. If you feel fresh and energised and productive whilst others are posting that they haven’t got out of bed today, that’s also okay. We are all dealing with this in our own way, and it’s important we don’t fall down the comparison rabbit hole on top of all the other external stressors out there. 

The way I am dealing with Lockdown 3 should absolutely not be a blueprint for how you’re dealing with it, and me posting my workouts or daily movement is not intended to make anyone feel guilty. Daily movement is an absolute non negotiable to me right now, as much for my mental as my physical health. Exercising is a huge coping mechanism for me and it gives me structure and balance when many other things might be feeling disorganised, uncertain and out of control. 

With that in mind I wanted to ask you guys - what are your thoughts on online classes/IG Lives during Lockdown 3? I’ve had a few messages asking if I’ll be bringing my Live workouts back, but I’ve also seen plenty of posts from people fully over working out at home/via their phone/not feeling exercise at all right now. Which camp are you in? How are you feeling about fitness right now? Would you be interested if I was to put on some more IG Lives? Or would content like shorter circuit type workouts that can be done any time serve you better? Or is me sharing workouts on my socials just part of the annoying online noise out there? 

Genuinely, I’d love to know what you guys think, and if you would like me to help you keep moving during Lockdown, or if you’re totally over it for now! Tell me in the comments!

📸 by @jamespurvis21 

Beats, Boom and Be Kind to yourself ❤️

Normally I’d be heading into a super busy week with full classes of excited Riders keen to get back in the saddle after a Christmas break - usually the vibes in the studio are so high at this time of year and I love it.

This year, as we know, is different. But I still wanted to share some vibes, some motivation, something to somehow make us still feel together and connected - so I’ve made a Spotify playlist of tunes I’d normally be playing super loud with you all in the dark @boomcycle studios ❤️ 

I just adore that feeling of looking out and seeing everyone’s pedals moving to the same beat - united in the rhythm, no matter who we are. So here’s just a little piece of it for you to enjoy in your own workouts, out for your daily walks, or just to dance round your kitchen as you’re cooking dinner (or is that just me?! 💃)

The link is in my Insta Story - or if you miss it pop me a DM and I’ll send it over to you! 

Whilst we can’t ride together, would you like me to keep sharing playlists of some of my favourite feel good tunes? Let me know! 

And @boomcycle fam know how much I appreciate you, miss you and can’t wait til we’re reunited - but in the meantime, I’ll let the tunes keep us dancing together - on and off the bike! ❤️

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2021 - let’s GO! 

None of us know what’s coming... so let’s just keep those pedals turning and riding this out together ❤️

And if you fancy taking that analogy literally, come join the @apexrides A-Team.... 2021 is going to be an exciting year for us 🙌🏼


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Peace Out 2020 ✌🏻

Whilst it’s easy to focus on the (many) negatives of the past 12 months, it’s also really important to remember the great moments from this year, and the lessons 2020 taught us. 

As well as remembering that for pet owners everywhere, this has been their dream year - getting to spend every day with their owners - @wearesimbaandrafiki will be raising a glass of pawsecco tonight for the thousands of extra cuddles they’ve had this year from us being at home all the time 😹😹

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2021 for us all - with a few less plot twists maybe 🙊

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Mixed message Merry Christmas?

Christmas is a time that has some tough memories associated with it - and Xmas about 10 years ago was a pivotal point for me and my relationship with food.

I had gone through a horrific break up of an abusive relationship (mostly verbal and emotional, but towards the end physical too). My ex had told me repeatedly I was too fat, and unattractive, so when I finally ended it, I threw myself into becoming “thin and attractive” - I now see how damaged and problematic this was - but at the time I was fixated with trying to prove him wrong. I dieted, counted every calorie, went to the gym sometimes 3 times a day. I was miserable and exhausted.

I went back to my parents for Christmas, and finally away from the stress and the heartbreak I started to relax and eat again - but having restricted myself for so long, once I let go I couldn’t stop. I realised things had gone too far when I started sneaking round the house on Boxing Day looking for chocolate, and ate a whole box in one sitting. 

That was a turning point. A sign that the level of restriction I had placed on myself could never happen again. 

Back then there was no social media for me to turn to. Whilst I love the body positive, anti diet, self love movement on social, for some, seeing the “a few days of indulgence won’t ruin your progress” or “food is pleasure” posts and feeling just as numb and confused by them as I would have done back then - I just wanted to say, its okay. It gets better. It can take a long time, and it may mean identifying and working on some painful stuff that has nothing to do with food - but there is a way out. Progress can be slow, but that’s okay. 

To those who have already found their balance and freedom - you are amazing and please keep sharing your positive words. We all need more positivity. But to those still struggling, still experiencing guilt around food and disordered eating - please be patient and know it is possible to break the cycle. It sucks like hell but it’s possible. And if you want to talk with me about it, my DMs are open ❤️

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Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 

Whatever your Christmas looks like this year, please know that I’m sending you a little festive love 😘

I bought this Holly headband just after Lockdown 2 ended especially to wear during Christmas week teaching at @boomcycle (I should have been teaching this morning, Boxing Day, New Years Eve.... but it was not to be this year 😞) so as it didn’t get to make a debut in any classes, thought I’d add some sparkle to your IG Feed instead 🎄✨ It’s all about the joy in small things this year (even if this sprig of holly takes up half my head 🙃)

Festive love to everyone ❤️

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You have reached your destination...?

I know there are mixed opinions on sharing transformation shots, but the journey from me on the left to me on the right (taken earlier this year) is my truth and my story. I also feel strongly about not hiding my past, and sharing that I not only used to be unfit and overweight, but struggled with binging, starving and body dysmorphia. I hated exercise, used food and alcohol as comfort and had no confidence. 

And yet “old” me had an idea that when I was slimmer life would be so much better. I’d be popular, wear what I want, be free of the constant fear that I’m not good enough. I really thought it would all make me much happier.

For the most part, I am now. But not for those reasons, thankfully I now realise that my weight and my happiness are not dependent on each other. Yes I used to workout because I wanted to be thin, now I train because I love it and it helps mentally. But is life as magical now as I dreamed it would be - confident and carefree? 

Definitely not. I still have plenty of bad body image days, times of doubting myself, weeks where I worry everyone thinks I’m a joke. I see peoples snide comments about influencers, mean ClassPass reviews, people rolling their eyes in my classes - and take it more personally than I probably should. Being truly confident in who I am and what I stand for is still a daily work in progress. 

Standing up in front of a room full of people, being filmed by a load of cameras from every angle, sharing photos of myself online - these are all things I never could have done a few years ago. I am proud I’ve come this far, but I know there is further to go. 

So to anyone on their own fitness journey - appreciate the journey without fixating on the destination. In many ways I’m now “where I wanted to be” when I started, but I’m still working on full self acceptance. And to anyone who likes to pass judgements on others - please think before you do so. An appearance may suggest self confidence, self love - but you never truly know what someone has been through. Which is why I’ll continue to share my transformation as a friendly reminder to always be kind - to yourself and others ❤️