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My name is LJ (Lisa-Jane) and I’m a 40 year old Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle Blogger based in London. They may say “Life Begins at 40” – but I am definitely here to prove that style and sass never go out of fashion at any age! Health and Fitness is my passion and I’m so grateful to have made it my career too, but as well as an active lifestyle I love fashion, beauty, cooking, animals, eating out and travel. This Blog aims to showcase my loves and my lifestyle….. doing it The Wildcat Way!

Out of lycra, out of trainers, out of walking in the local area, out of the kitchen to cook my own dinner.... just not out of my coat for the entire night as it felt like the arctic 🤣🥶

First taste of (chilly) freedom still felt pretty good! 

Who else is eating/drinking out this weekend? 🍽

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Heyyyyy just a friendly reminder from me and @misshinchy .... 

@boomcycle is BACK (please Boris 🙏🏼) 4 weeks on Monday! Tell a friend - pass it on 😉

Who are we going to see in the studios that first week? Boom Fam holler at us! Countdown is ON 🎉

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Back in the saddle.... 

Physical studios may not yet be open for group fitness classes.... but our virtual studio at @apexrides is always open - for everyone! 

Loved being back in the Apex studio this week filming brand new Rides for you all - as you can see here I was FEELING my Throwback RnB Divas playlist... but with a classic like Faith Evans who wouldn’t be?! 👑

We may connect through a screen but I feel the love from the @apexrides family and all I’ll say is we have so much more planned for you A-Team superstars over the coming weeks! 

Who’s already ridden with us this week? ❤️🚲

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Post TW: Eating Disorder Themes

Such sad news to hear that Nikki Grahame has passed away following a long battle with anorexia. I truly hope she is now at peace and my thoughts are with her family.

I will never stop posting or talking about my own experience with anorexia. For years I was ashamed that I suffered for so long. But a lot of fear came from me worrying people would think I was exaggerating it, or even lying about the fact that I was ill. There are still people in this world who think eating disorders are a choice, a fad, or an over reaction. We need everyone to start taking eating disorders far more seriously, as Nikki’s tragic death shows us. 

This means proper help, proper support and proper understanding. When I first saw my GP to finally admit I had a problem with eating, he prescribed me some beta blockers and said I was “probably working myself up”. Funnily enough I didn’t get better, and was admitted to a hospital where the doctors seemed angry with me and I was threatened with a feeding tube. They genuinely scared me. 

I thank my lucky stars I actually found the strength to work on getting better. Not everyone does. And honestly - recovery is sh*t. It hurts more than the illness. So if you don’t have support around you - whether medical, therapy, family - it’s going to feel even worse and quite possibly not worth it. And we now very sadly know how that can end. 

I will talk about my eating disorder so that other people feel they can talk, whether that’s to admit they need help, or to ask if they can support someone. We need charities like @beatedsupport - a fantastic resource that needs funds to function. We need the Health Service to see that everyone should have access to treatment, and also support.

If you’re worried about someone, talk to them. If you need help, reach out. If you have questions, please message me. 

I managed to beat that shame - but not everyone will feel they can. Please let’s talk more, support more, be more aware - so that those who need help have an option, and that there is no shame. Let’s do it for Nikki ❤️ 

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Reflecting on #worldhealthday - not like me to be late to the party I know (Virgo things 💅🏻) but yesterday I didn’t spend time on social media, but instead focussed on my own health. I had an appointment yesterday afternoon to try and address some health concerns I’ve been having - I’ve been feeling totally out of whack for a while now and getting some answers and knowing the steps I need to take felt positive and empowering.

I may have started this account years ago to be all about hashtag health and promoting what I thought was a healthy lifestyle but I can actually hold my hands up now and realise it wasn’t, and I was posting a lot of BS. I still had a lot of hate for my own body, was over-training, but was also putting everyone and everything before myself. And that’s not healthy. 

If there is one thing the past year has taught me - it’s the importance of putting yourself first. That self care is NOT selfish. That you know your own body better than anyone else. And that, most important of all, you cannot please everyone and when you try to you’ll be doing so at the detriment to yourself. Being the perfect trainer, perfect wife, perfect friend - these don’t exist, and actually just trying to be the best version of you is enough, and anyone who doesn’t think so needs to be let go. 

I’ve spent the majority of the past 40 years thinking I wasn’t enough. So I’ve actually taken the time to try and believe in myself more, and trying to block out those who don’t. Trying to focus on doing what I love and therefore living my truth - because even though people will still try to rain on my parade, I can have a happy heart knowing I am trying my best. If that isn’t good enough, too bad. 

Taking time to focus on myself, spending my energy wisely, and trying not to let the negativity of others affect me - that sounds much more healthy. 

So I won’t feel guilty for taking World Health Day yesterday to focus on myself, and if you did the same then absolutely good for you. We need to normalise a world where self care is way more important than sharing six-pack selfies, and where “you do you” is a genuine, heartfelt wish and not just a hashtag ❤️
This isn’t another April 12th post. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with them -  the thought of outdoor dining, hairdressers, and gyms is exciting - and I’m happy for businesses that can now start on the road to getting back on their feet after such a hard year. 

I may be counting the hours til I can get back to the hairdressers chair (I see you @dannieandcarrie 🤣), but one place I’m not rushing back to is the gym. And whilst I know for many, the excitement of being back on a gym floor is very real,  I also know many people who feel anxious at the thought of it.

I’m not talking about classes here - indoor group fitness can’t resume until the next step, and I really WILL be counting down the minutes to get back in the saddle with my @boomcycle family (hopefully) in May - but for me, my own solo training will still very much be taking place within the four walls of my home - something I NEVER thought I’d hear myself say.

I’ve always been quite private when it comes to my own workouts, and I’ve also seen great results from home training over the past year. As things open back up, I know my schedule will get busier, so being able to roll out of bed and train, without having to worry about commuting (or what I’m eating afterwards 🤣) is going to become even more valuable. I didn’t really start seeing proper progress until we were lucky enough to be able to purchase heavier weights to train with at home, but now that we have a decent set up, I’m seeing decent results.

Yes, there is a lot of excitement about next week - but if you’re not feeling as excited as you think you “should” be - please remember we have been through so, so much over the past 12 months and lived quite literally through history. We can’t expect to snap our fingers and for everything to be back to the way it was. And maybe you don’t even want things back as they were - and that’s also more than okay too. So whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch and dinner outside from Monday for the foreseeable or whether you’ll be bicep curling in your bedroom like me - remember - both are good. Be safe and do what works for you - because Boris’ roadmap doesn’t have to be your roadmap too ❤️
🌸 Happy Easter! 🌸

Here’s to Springtime, brighter days, special memories, delicious food and of course all pink everything 🤣

Have a wonderful Easter weekend 🐣🐇🍫💖

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🎉 Throwback Party Vibes! 🎉

You asked - we answered - and this week there’s a brand new 30min Old School Dance Anthems Ride with me up on the @apexrides app 💃 
Fatboy Slim, Neneh Cherry, Shapeshifters, Utah Saints... hope you A-Team love riding this one as much as I did... because I definitely feel Dance Anthems Round 2 coming on! 

Let me know if you’re riding my new class this week - or if you already have! 

Ain’t no party like an Old School Party, right @apexrides ?! 🎉

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Tag the people you can’t wait to go brunching with now that brighter days are coming! ✨

Don’t know about you guys but this has been a week and a half, but thinking about all that overpriced avo on toast and fancy lattes with the people I love has definitely kept me going - if you know someone who needs a smile today, remind them of this! Even the bad days bring us one step closer to the fun times 💖 

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The abs obsession?

Firstly - thank you. After my last post and run-in with a troll I was questioning whether I even wanted to be on social media anymore, but all your supportive and kind words helped me remember what a positive place it can be. 

Secondly - I was already planning to follow up my post with a “isn’t considering visible abs an outdated and unrealistic expectation when it comes to female fitness” - then purely by coincidence a video by @jamessmithpt about why it’s unsustainable for females to obsess over abs started popping up all over IG yesterday. I quote what he said (and recommend checking out the video) - “We need to move away from the epitomisation of having abs as being healthy, as being the best thing you can have - because for most people it requires a huge amount of restriction... your self worth cannot be dictated by how much body fat percentage you have... that’s ridiculous”.


Amongst the many reason for my troll being nasty and hurtful - it just echoes this ridiculous notion that fitness = abs. All that having a visible six pack tells you (esp in females) is that they’re either genetically very blessed, or, most likely, carrying a dangerously low body fat percentage. 

These are some times in my life I’ve had very visible ab definition: after a horrific bout of norovirus, after doing a juice “cleanse” (misguided and ill-advised), after obsessively tracking my macros to the point of sacrificing my social life and feeling dizzy regularly, and when I would regular make myself throw up after meals in the height of my bulimia. Just incase you’re unsure - all of these are BS. I was either physically or mentally very unwell throughout all of these times - do abs really seem worth that?

Sometimes there is definition in my abs - angles, lighting, having a tan or even just when I’m very hungry. But being accused of altering my photos is a vile lie. 

The outdated six pack obsession, especially for women, is dangerous. Abs are no indication of fitness, or of what your body can do. So why don’t we start focussing on performance?

It may have taken me years to learn, but what your body capable of means 1000 times more than how it looks.
✨ Fuel your best life ✨

If there’s one thing the past year has taught me, it’s the huge benefits of self care and slowing down. I thought I was winning at life, rushing here there and everywhere, working 7 days a week, pushing my body constantly. I may have been able to do it, but when I was forced to grind to a halt a year ago I realised how terrible I actually felt. 

Taking time for myself and care of myself is now something I will never overlook again, and fab new company @jetfuelyou are most definitely helping me to maximise my downtime to refuel and restore. Their brand new range of vegan, high performance supplements can help with everything from boosting energy to skin and hair health to supporting better sleep, and their range of botanical teas are made with all natural ingredients like lemongrass, yerba mate, ginger and peppermint - herbs, adaptogens and nootropics to help refresh and refuel. They’re also plastic free and biodegradable! 💚

Whilst I don’t believe supplements should replace a healthy, balanced diet, they can definitely help support a busy lifestyle and give the body an extra boost of support. Just taking ten minutes to sit and enjoy a cup of botanical infusion tea is also for me just a lovely way to stop, breathe and be present - rather than constantly worrying about where I need to be next - a habit from my “old” life that won’t be coming back!

If you want to give the @jetfuelyou supplements or teas a try, the code WILDCAT20 will give you 20% off your first order - this doesn’t earn me any commission, it’s just a discount for you and can be used on jetfuelyou.com which only launched yesterday! 

We may still be living life at a slower pace, but we may as well be putting jet fuel in our engines ☺️✨

All products in this photo were #gifted by @jetfuelyou ❤️

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Hands in the air like you just don’t currrrr Friday! 

Big week filming new Rides for the @apexrides family - can’t wait for you to enjoy these classes with us at home! Even managed to get my Mum’s favourite tune into one of them and I’m living for the thought of her throwing her hands up and whooping when that beat hits and she’s on her bike at home. Wonder if you guys will spot which tune it is?!

After a physically intense few days it’s all about the recovery for me this weekend - as you’ll hear me say in pretty much every cooldown - the post workout is just as important as the actual workout - and keep this in mind as I have something to share that will help you with this next week. 

In the meantime - virtual high five to everyone who made it through another week of Lockdown! We just gotta keep pedalling.... 🚲

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💥 Girl Power! 💥

Happy International Womens Day to all my friends, clients, followers, colleagues, family - and thank you for showing that the beauty of a woman is her uniqueness, and that every single one of us has a power we can bring to the world. But even more, that the power we can bring when we all unite is unstoppable - on IWD and every day.

One of the saddest things I’ve seen over the past year is the shocking rise in online abuse, trolling, anonymous hate and cyber bullying - and all at a time when the world should be coming together. We as women have overcome and fought against so much and have not only the right to speak up, but multiple platforms to use this - and yet still so many use their platforms to spread hate and make other women doubt themselves and their worth. This has to stop. Let’s use our voices to speak out against trolls, to stand up to online bullies, to inform and educate the next generation why this is wrong and to use social media to educate, inspire and show support to those who need it. Let’s take the positive message of International Womens Day and remember it every day - to let the positive and collective power of our voices to drown out the negativity and haters. 

Women can be whatever and whoever they want - so lets be ourselves, lets be stronger together, but most of all lets be kind to each other - today and every day ❤️

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The only training I’m doing for June 21st.... wearing heels, jeans and a bra again 🤣 Activewear, it’s been a blast but I think we need to see other people...

And if anyone makes you feel like you should be dieting or losing weight for 21st June - send them my way and me and these very sharp neon stilettos will have a word 🤣🙊

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It’s #eatingdisorderawarenessweek and I want to remind anyone feeling confused, sad, lonely, or scared - that you are not alone.

Whilst more resources and support are now available, eating disorders are still misunderstood and it is important to realise that they are illnesses, not lifestyle choices. That they can affect anyone - gender, age or body type. They are not about being vain or looking a certain way - in actual fact many people suffering with an ED will be extremely secretive and may go to great lengths to hide it. If you suspect someone may be struggling - please let them know you are there for them. Knowing that someone cares, and supports you can mean a huge amount - as can supporting them to get help. The resources at @beatedsupport are wonderful.

I started struggling with my eating disorders as a teenager, and back in the 90s the level of understanding was nowhere near where it is now, and both family members and doctors struggled to understand why I couldn’t just “eat normally”. So I would avoid meals, hide food, refuse to socialise incase it involved eating. It was so lonely. Having the support of someone at that time would have meant a lot - I’m not sure I could even have articulated my own thoughts back then (again something that can be hard for others to understand, you don’t just choose to restrict your food, or binge eat, the illness very much has control of you) - but if someone had at least tried it would have been appreciated. 

If you’re worried about someone, please reach out to them. Try not to back them into a corner - or force the issue if they don’t want to talk - but say you’ve noticed they don’t seem themselves, and you’d love to be there for them, no judgement. It might make the biggest difference - and the sooner they can start to think about getting help the better.

Recovery is not straightforward, but it is possible. I will always be open and share my story, because if talking openly about anorexia, and bulimia can help even one person know that they are not alone then it is worth it. My DMs are always open for anyone who would like to talk. Don’t ever feel alone ❤️
Just a little Friday mantra for you.... and a reminder to have another cup 😉 Have a wonderful sunny Friday! 

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