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My name is LJ (Lisa-Jane) and I’m a 40 year old Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle Blogger based in London. They may say “Life Begins at 40” – but I am definitely here to prove that style and sass never go out of fashion at any age! Health and Fitness is my passion and I’m so grateful to have made it my career too, but as well as an active lifestyle I love fashion, beauty, cooking, animals, eating out and travel. This Blog aims to showcase my loves and my lifestyle….. doing it The Wildcat Way!

Useless, fat, unattractive, pathetic, sad, drama queen.... 

(POST TW: bullying and eating disorder themes.)

I’ve been called every single one. By bullies at school, and by an abusive ex partner. When you hear the same words over and over, you start to believe them. For a lot of my life I obsessively worried about being fat and unattractive and not worthy of love or friendship so I wasted so much time and energy trying to shrink, starve and punish myself. I really thought that’s all I deserved. I stayed in unhappy relationships because I didn’t think I’d ever meet anyone else as I wasn’t good enough. It was an absolutely miserable way to live - waking up every morning hating yourself is the most horrendous drain of energy.

After years of self-work and self-help I was finally able to see these were just words, and they have no power over me. Rather than continually reliving the pain, I wanted to be better than what broke me. I wanted to somehow turn something so sad and so negative into something positive - so I choose to share my story and my experiences because I know the old me who woke up every day full of self loathing and doubt would have had hope from seeing someone else’s story. I wanted to choose healing over dwelling on the past, and to ensure that I could speak openly from my heart rather than the pain. I wanted to break the cycle. 

When I talk in class about acceptance, it’s because I was rejected. When I talk about living your truth, it’s because I lied to myself for so long. I will preach love and respect for your body and its’ capabilities until the cows come home because whilst I can’t ever get back the time I spent hating my body and trying to destroy it, I can show that I now choose compassion over shame and guilt. I will share my Story and posts like these because I wanted to become the person someone like me needed in my darker days. 

Sharing this much isn’t for everyone, but if it helps someone, it is worth it. If the words of others hold power over you, it can be broken. You can break the cycle. You can choose to be better than what tried to break you ❤️

My DMs are always open if you want to talk 💌

Photo: @stevecurriephotography 📸
Finally not afraid to smile 😁

If you’ve met me over the past year you’d probably think I’m a positive person who loves to smile.... but prior to that whilst I’d most definitely have described myself as positive, I was forever half-smiling - but mostly totally hiding my smile.

Having @invisalign_uk treatment throughout 2020 to give me a smile I genuinely never thought I could have has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Full disclosure - absolutely yes I was working with Invisalign in an influencer partnership for my treatment - but I still 100% believe the system is life-changing and I only regret not doing it sooner. I really didn’t realise how much I was holding myself back from really, truly smiling before - something that should come freely and naturally without feeling so self conscious.

I have finally created an Invisalign Story Highlight Reel on my profile for anyone keen to follow my journey from the beginning, see how uneven my teeth were, and watch the progress to the smile I have now - all in less than a year. If you’ve been thinking of Invisalign treatment definitely give the Stories a watch - and as ever let me know if you have any questions about my treatment with @drchawsukyi or the process of @invisalign_uk itself. 

And if you see me beaming away in class please know it’s 100% genuine - and being able to express myself like that so freely and be totally confident in my own smile is honestly a feeling I’ve been missing for so long 😁

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Want to join the @boomcycle Instructor family? Now’s the time!

We’re looking for amazing Instructors to come and join the team - auditions are this month. Just DM @boomcycle for all the details and to apply.

If you have a passion for bikes and beats you WON’T regret it - coming up to my two year Boomiversary and I couldn’t be prouder to represent this incredible family, or to ride with our wonderful community. 

If you’re thinking about it - just do it! 

Riding my amazing @apexrides bike ❤️🚲

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Grateful and joyful 💫 

Just taking a moment here to appreciate the joy in things I’ve missed so much - sunshine, connecting with people in classes, shared energy, being so active... after a wonderful Live Joy Ride tonight for @apexrides I’m truly feeling grateful for the joy that is back in my life after a pretty miserable year, and loving every minute of it. 

The energy from my wonderful @boomcycle Riders this weekend, the chance to share some joy with my @apexrides Live family tonight, and getting fully topped up with vitamin D and ice cream in the sunshine this weekend.... my joy levels are right up and ready to take on the week ☀️

Finding the joy in small moments.... I highly recommend it! 💫 

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Guilty Pleasures? Guilty as charged! 

So. Much. Fun! in the @apexrides Studio this morning recording two On Demand Rides before quite possibly my favourite Live Ride yet - the Guilty Pleasures playlist! Yes to Shaggy, Steps, Wham, Tiffany.... and a smile on my face for the entire class - and in addition to a great workout this is what I wanted to bring to you guys too. 

It’s been a serious old time these past 15 months, so I truly hope this Ride, and indeed any time you spend in the Apex saddle can help you focus on you, the cheesy tunes, the ability to ride and just indulging in some pure, unadulterated fun to leave you sweaty - but most importantly smiling. 

Takeaway questions from today’s Ride though....
Did I play YOUR guilty pleasure?
DID Charles and Eddie release more than one song?
Do I come even REMOTELY close to @jackgreaves_ on that Tragedy dance break? 
What happened to those random 90s men in clubs who thought they WERE Mr Boombastic?
Will any of us Apex team ever perfect a body roll on the bike like @duncan_does ? 
And can anyone sit still in the saddle to Mysterious Girl?

To anyone who couldn’t join Live, it’s on Demand in the Apex app now - so you can ride it and give me answers on a postcard A-Team.... 😉

Top and leggings @wearetala 
Shoes @tiemathleticeurope 
Bangle bands @byeloise_london 

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Body Bootcamp is BACK! 

Next Tuesday 6pm I’ll be hosting the first Wildcat Body Bootcamp class of the Summer in the gorgeous @merchantsquareldn - I can’t wait to be back! The weather forecast for next week is finally sunny so why not come and train outdoors with me in these gorgeous surroundings? 

The class was totally sold out, but we just opened up a few more FREE spaces for next Tuesday 1st at 6pm on the Floating Pocket Park, Merchant Square Paddington. Either head to the link in the @merchantsquareldn IG Bio, or to their website and then the Event Bookings section to secure your free space. 

It will be a 50 minute Full Body workout - a mixture of cardio intervals and bodyweight strength - and suitable for all fitness levels. You will be socially distanced from other participants, and if you prefer have the option to bring your own mat. Definitely bring water and a sweat towel - but no other equipment is needed! 

Because Body Bootcamp is free classes always sell out - so please, please - if you book a space and cannot attend - let Merchant Square know ASAP so that someone can take your spot and we’re not wasting places 🙏🏼

I’ll be back in July and August hosting more Body Bootcamps for @merchantsquareldn - but who’s in for the kick off session next week?!

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Take Back the Power 💫

After my first week back in the @boomcycle studio teaching people in real life after 5 long months, I am reflecting back on a wonderful but overwhelming seven days. The full studios, the driving basslines, the cheering, the smiling, sweaty faces - I’ve loved it, but also found it a lot. I haven’t been in a group of people since December last year, and re-adjusting to that shared energy has definitely taken me some time, and I’m happy to freely admit I’ve definitely had to take space to “process” being back this week.

And I just wanted to say, if you have too - that’s more than okay. I feel you! 

After two incredible classes yesterday morning and such positivity in the studio I really felt back, and reconnected in the best possible way. It took me a few days, but with taking time for myself to sit with my feelings, ensuring I was taking the best possible care of myself, and allowing myself to admit that feeling overwhelmed was okay, yesterday I felt not only ready but excited to step back into my power.

I said it to my riders yesterday because that was how I felt in that exact moment - the past year has taken so much power away from us. For me, now is the time to take it back. Monday and my first few classes back was too soon - but now is the time. To stand strong, step out of the shadows and embrace our own power. I’m ready to be me again, and to help all of you discover, embrace, own and increase your power. The past year taught us a lot and I am always happy to learn, to be humble. But now, now I’m ready to be powerful again. To step up and to share.

Who’s with me?

📸 @stevecurriephotography 

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Consistency and patience 🙏🏼

Maybe not words you’d immediately associate with training, but in the past 6 months these have been the foundations of my workouts - and I’m happy to see the results. The photo on the left is last June, the photo on the right is last week. The physical different is there to see (sort of the point of the photo 🙊) but more than that I feel the change in my strength and stamina levels. And I did this myself, at home. 

I’ve said this before - but strength training (and certainly training for hypertrophy, as I was) does not need to be fancy or complicated. It can even be repetitive at times - but nailing the basics, sticking at them, and then starting to work with heavier weights, rep ranges, tempos etc will get you results. But - and this is the big but - only if you train consistently, and don’t expect results overnight. 

At the end of last year I decided to commit properly to strength training again (rather than doing loads of cardio and the odd strength class when I could fit one in) - I structured my own plan for 2-3 sessions a week of relatively basic moves. After 2 months I felt stronger, but I also knew that Lockdown would be going on a lot longer, so in March decided to sign up to @grndhouseuk to add even more structure to my strength training, and indeed that extra push and motivation.

Weights I had struggled with in January now felt more comfortable to lift - and that was ultimately the goal of my training - to feel fitter and stronger. But seeing the photo on the right from the @apexrides set last week I couldn’t help but notice that actually I look stronger. 

Of course I’m super happy to both see and feel results I’ve been training hard for (this sh*t ain’t easy when you’re 40 🙊) - and whilst the “omg I love your arms” messages are super lovely and always appreciated, I think it’s important to share the fact that these results are from a solid 6 months of focussed training (of at least 3 sessions per week with challenging weights) - building strength takes time. 

If you need help reaching your strength goals - feel free to ask me anything below or drop me a DM if you’re interested in Personal Training 💪🏼
Group Exercise is BACK! 

To everyone today - teaching, taking part, working at a studio - welcome back. Let’s be so grateful that we FINALLY get to do this and be together again!

If today, or this week is your first class back in 5 months, please be kind to yourself. You may not be where you were last year and that’s more than okay - your body has supported you through a pandemic so let’s give it a little respect and if you need to ease back in slowly us Instructors will support you whole heartedly. Let’s enjoy great music, dark rooms and just being together again, the rest will follow when you’re ready ❤️

Please also remember that for many Fitness Instructors and Studio Staff, we haven’t done this either in 5 months! We’re all doing our best to keep you safe in studios so please respect that, respect your fellow class members and the teams that look after you. Be patient, be kind - to yourself and others - this is a big week for everyone! 

The comeback is always stronger than the setback - so let’s just enjoy every damn minute of it this week! @boomcycle Hammersmith I CAN’T WAIT to see you tonight! 🎉

📸 by @gettyimages 

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Fancy some food in a Jiffy? 
I have the answer! 

Today I tried out brand new online supermarket @jiffygrocery - they offer superfast grocery delivery in London via their website and app - and the whole experience is pretty damn impressive! 

I was #gifted an order from Jiffy, so after a morning of filming and not sure what to have for lunch I decided to hop onto the @jiffygrocery for some inspo - they have a huge range of groceries and plenty of brands you know and love. This was my lunch and afternoon set-up - Simply Lunch Vegan Protein Bowl, @patatasfritastorres Broad Bean snacks, fresh blueberries, @mrfilberts almonds and a @califiafarmsuk Cold Brew coffee 😋 

I also got potatoes and veg for dinner tonight, some berries for breakfast tomorrow, even some fresh coffee and ginger kombucha! 

But the BEST bit? From ordering on the app to unpacking it all in my kitchen took less than 30 minutes! My tiny mind was blown! I can barely get to the supermarket and back in that time as it is 🙊

This may have been gifted but wow, I’m impressed - no more panicking when you run out of an ingredient midway through cooking, no more disappointment when you wake up and realise you have nothing in for breakfast, and no more stressing about how you’re going to fit everything in - when you can do your food shopping and have it delivered to your door in 20 minutes think of all the time that leaves for home workouts/another episode on Netflix/catching up on voicenotes (delete as appropriate 😉)

The code LISAJANE10 gets your £10 off your first order of £20 or more (this is NOT an aff link, just a discount for you) and if you sign up now you get 30 days of free deliveries! 

What are you waiting for? Not your food shop to be delivered with @jiffygrocery that’s for sure 🤣🙊

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TW: Eating Disorder themes

I think #mentalhealthawarenessweek is very important, but for me it’s also a sensitive time. I first saw a psychiatrist as a teenager, and that was also when I was hospitalised and threatened with tube feeding. I’ve struggled with disordered eating since I was 13, and yet I kept this secret. Back then no-one talked about mental health, no-one knew what an eating disorder was, and as my parents were worried people would judge me for “not being normal” I was always told to lie about my therapy appts. To never admit something was wrong. So I kept up the lies myself - for years afterwards. Can’t have anyone thinking I’m crazy for seeing a shrink or because I can’t eat meals... so better to not tell anyone about it and lie if anyone asks. In my 20s, if I was in the middle of a bad episode and couldn’t eat in public I’d always lie about being full or having eaten before. People probably thought that was odd, but I would have much preferred that than the risk of them thinking I was a mad weirdo that needed a head doctor. 

I genuinely felt so ashamed of my own poor mental health for so many years, and the weight of carrying that alone (as well as all the hatred towards myself and body) made for some very sad times. To have been able to open up, to be able to have someone listen and not judge, just to not lie about anything any more - it would have meant the absolute world to me, but I was scared to admit the truth. I am so happy that mental health is becoming more acceptable to discuss openly. That people are sharing their struggles, their stories. Twenty years ago this would have helped me to realise I wasn’t alone. 

This is why now I am more passionate than ever about speaking my truth after holding it in for so long. If my story resonates with you, I am here to listen. If you want to talk to someone, don’t ever think asking for help is weakness. The truth can be messy and complicated - but it can be shared. Our mental health is as important as our physical health - please don’t ever feel like you have to deny yours. Know that you can talk, you can be honest. Know that this MHA Week, and always, you are not alone ❤️
Boom is BACK!

We open the @boomcycle doors again after five long, long months away and I cannot WAIT to see the Boom fam back in the saddle next week!

Bookings are now OPEN for the first day of classes, I’ll be teaching at Boom Hammersmith 530pm next Monday - who’s in? Get that bike booked! The Rhythm Riding you’ve been missing is finally back!

📽 by @gettyimages 

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The home Stretch? 

Feeling blissful this evening after an amazing full body 1:1 Assisted Stretch Session at the brand new @stretchlab Notting Hill Studio by the wonderful @herblackbody 🥰 

I’ve been to @stretchlab Fitzrovia a couple of times and always left feeling like a new woman, so after months of feeling cooped up and tight, and ahead of being back in the saddle a lot more in a couple of weeks when studios re-open, I thought an Assisted Stretch at their shiny new Notting Hill location would be perfect. And how right I was! 

I’m actually pretty diligent about my own stretching, mobility and recovery (I can see my PT clients rolling their eyes at this... they’re sick of me banging on about prioritising recovery 🤣🙊) but there’s only so much you can release your own body - sometimes it’s hugely beneficial to have someone else stretch, lengthen and release you. These sessions at @stretchlab go way deeper than you could possibly go yourself (the tightness in my ITB today was testament to that 🙃) 

After 50 minutes with Delwyn I feel looser, lengthened and definitely lighter - and actually super energised and ready to train again tomorrow. 

Anyone thinking of a little body MOT before classes start again - or even if you’re just feeling tight and stiff from months of working at home - go see Team Stretch Lab. Assisted Stretching is awesome - and that’s not stretching the truth 🤣🙊

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Stop trying to make fetch happen! 💁🏼‍♀️

Sometimes, like Regina, you have to recognise that however much you might want something - it just might not be for you. And that admitting that is not failure, it is actually the right thing to do to protect your energy. 

“The grind” is so glorified now - and absolutely hard work can and will bring results - and especially when it comes to setting up a new business or project or setting yourself a fitness goal. The effort needed is often monumental (and also often unrecognised) - but - it is important to also recognise that despite your best efforts some doors will remain closed to you. 

I know well how this feels - it’s sad, disappointing, and it really hurts. When I finally decided I wanted to become a Spin Instructor I absolutely dedicated myself to my favourite studio at the time, went to dozens of classes, got to know all the instructor and Front of House, spent hours preparing my audition - only to be given a straight no and sent home. After weeks of chasing for feedback I received an email telling me I wasn’t exciting or motivating enough to be trained there as an instructor and those words cut me deeply. I wanted to go back to the classes, to be part of that community, I even still wanted one day to be up there leading classes - but after a few low days of sadness and questioning myself I had to face up to the fact that path wasn’t for me, as hard as it was. 

The next Spin studio I auditioned for offered me a training place that same day, and several years later I couldn’t feel happier or more at home with my @boomcycle and @apexrides Family (and I’m pretty sure I’m exciting and motivating enough to teach there 😉😜) - giving up the dream I initially thought I had lead me to where I was meant to be. 

Just because you think you want something, or feel pressure you should be doing something - doesn’t mean it’s right. Listen to your heart and more importantly trust your gut. Don’t worry about what other people might say, or what society might be pressuring you into. Only you know how you feel and what makes you truly happy. 

Sometimes it’s okay to admit - Fetch just isn’t going to happen 😉
In case anyone needs to hear this today 💕

It’s not about how far you can go - but what you can learn from on the journey... and just know it’s okay to enjoy the process without being totally fixated on the end result too 😉

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! 💖

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